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        Qingdao Hanhai Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in Jiaozhou city, Shandong province, China. It’s high-tech manufacturer specializing in research & development and producing extrusion equipment. Company has good R & D employees and experienced mechanical , electrical commissioning engineers. The main products are including:
       UPVC, PPR small diameter pipe extrusion line.
       Large diameter PE water pipe, MDPE gas pipe, UPVC pipe extrusion line.
       PVC,PP,PE,ABS,PC,PS sheet\board extrusion line.
       PVC window profile, ceiling , window sill, siding plate extrusion line.
       PVC, PP, PE wood plastic door panel extrusion line.
       PE-RT hot water pipe, PEX underground warm pipe, PP-R, PP, PP-B new water pipe extrusion line.
       PE Collective fiber glass pipe, PVC-C high voltage cable protective pipe, PE/PVC cross-section communication cable pipe extrusion line.
       All kinds of conical twin screw extruders, parallel twin screw extruders,single screw extruder.
       Customer’s success is the target we pursue. Qingdao Hanhai Plastic Machinery has advanced designing ideas and high quality persons with ability, we could provide all azimuth service.
       Our products are spread all of China and also export to Russia, India, Korea, Indonesia, Middle East, Africa and south America, Spain, Italy, ect. We are received good appraisement from them.

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